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BETTER TRAILS is a social enterprise founded to promote the ethical use and responsible enjoyment of the outdoors through environmental education and outdoor recreation.

The Trails Community is a space created to promote and share the enjoyment of outdoor and recreational activities with the general public. With the Trails Community, we design experiences that cater to all reasons for you to be out there.


As part of our social purpose, Better Trails' 'Outdoors for all' philosophy believes in providing everyone the opportunities to enjoy the goodness of the outdoors. The Trails Community offers anyone a platform to access and benefit from these activities.

Our other approach to 'Outdoors for all' philosophy is to enable the 'under-served' communities who may not have the opportunity to get out there to enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities. It could be health and wellness for the aged or Person With Disability or personal development in the area of outdoor adventure for youths.

Through all our activities, we intend to share and influence you on the way to what we call 'Responsible Adventure' and how we can enjoy and take care of the outdoors at the same time. This is simply because we love the outdoors and we want to continue to enjoy it everytime we are there.

Join the Trails Community to support our cause for a Better Outdoors, Better People. Check out our themed trails now and subscribed!

With Gratitude,
Better Trails